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School began Monday, August 4th, 2014
Elementary Schools begin at 7:45 dismissals begin at 2:45
Oak Hill Middle and Baldwin High begin at 8:15 dismissals begin at 3:15


Baldwin County Board of Education Recognition

Baldwin County Board of Education has been recognized by the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) and has earned their GSBA Quality Board Status for "continued pursuit of excellence".


Teresa Phillips 
Baldwin High School
155 Highway 49 W    Milledgeville, GA 31061
478-453-6429 ext. 336

Baldwin County Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of the Baldwin County School District is to educate students
who will graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and values
to be college and/or career ready in order to be contributing members of a global society.
Our vision is for the Baldwin County School District to empower students through a positive, culturally responsive and stimulating environment where students will recognize and achieve their fullest potential.

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Message from Superintendent, Dr. Noris Price

Dear Members of the Baldwin School Community:

I am honored and excited about being selected as your new superintendent, and to continue the work of challenging our students to reach new levels of achievement required for them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  I am ready and eager to work in collaboration with you to lead Baldwin County Schools in providing the highest quality of education for all students.  We must keep focus on our mission that all students graduate from high school, have college and career options, and become contributing members to our community and global society.

I thank the Baldwin County School Board for the confidence and trust they have placed in me to lead our school district forward.  In my transition over the last several weeks, it has become evident that we share the same beliefs about the need to engage our students, teachers, parents and members of our community in educating our children. These beliefs were clearly evident in Ms. Geneva Braziel's commitment and dedication to Baldwin County Schools.  I wish to thank her for her devotion to our community and wish her well in all future endeavors. 

Please know that I pledge the highest level of commitment to high standards with a focus on ensuring all of our students achieve academic success.  As we move forward, I will continue to emphasize the need for effective systems that ensure all instructional, social/emotional, and needed supports are in place for students to achieve at high levels - regardless of the challenges we may encounter.  The mission, vision, beliefs, and goals of our school district will be the focus of our efforts.  Together, our students will be empowered to assume responsibility for their learning and achieve to their fullest potential.  

It is my honor and privilege to serve the children, staff, families, and citizens of Baldwin County as its Superintendent, and I look forward to working with all of you to ensure that our students graduate from high school with ambitions and choices to meet their goals.  

Noris Price, Ed.D.

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School began Monday, August 4th, 2014
Elementary Schools begin at 7:45 dismissals begin at 2:45
Oak Hill Middle and Baldwin High begin at 8:15 dismissals begin at 3:15






Get Georgia Reading

To ensure that Georgia’s students don’t fall
behind while school is out of session, the
Georgia Department of Education is working
alongside the Get Georgia Reading campaign,
the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement,
and the Council of Chief State School Officers
to encourage summer reading.
All students are challenged to read every day
this summer, for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
Parents and students are encouraged to visit
the Find a Book, Georgia website and make
a Summer Reading Pledge. They can use the
site to find book recommendations throughout
the summer, all tailored to a student’s interests
and Lexile score. (If the child’s Lexile score is not
known, the site can estimate reading level based
on answers to a few simple questions.)

Suggested summer reading goals for students based
on grade levels are: K-2 students-10 books,
3-5 students-8 chapter books,
6-12 students-5 fiction books 
and 5 non-fiction books

2014 Summer Reading Challenge Website:

Information on summer reading loss:
or http://www.summerlearning.org/?page=know_the_facts

Title I Parent Surveys
The information gathered
will help us better serve
all the children in
Baldwin County Schools
Baldwin High
Blandy Hills 
Eagle Ridge 
Oak Hill Middle
National SoftbalL CHampions!

The 10U All-Stars Angels Softball Team took first place in The Dixie World Series winning the national Championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Skye Ford, fourth grader at Creekside Elementary, is a proud member of the team and plays left field. She is the granddaughter of Baldwin County employee Sheba Nelson and grand niece of BHS teacher Velvalae Chambers.



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