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Free digital textbooks available through
the Georgia Department of Education
The textbooks, which can be accessed by visiting, are currently available for middle and high school courses. They cover an array of content areas in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, CTAE Electives, and several World Languages (Spanish, German, French, Latin, Chinese and Japanese). Textbooks available range from courses such as Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, and Biology to electives such as Web Design, Agriculture, and Healthcare Science.

Policy Review and Comment

The Baldwin  County Board of Education currently is undergoing a systematic review and revision of its policies under a project with the Georgia School Boards Association.  The proposed policy revisions will be available to view and comment on for the next 30 days, please click on this link

Baldwin County Board of Education Recognition

Baldwin County Board of Education has been recognized by the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) and has earned their GSBA Quality Board Status for "continued pursuit of excellence".


Teresa Phillips 
Baldwin High School
155 Highway 49 W    Milledgeville, GA 31061
478-453-6429 ext. 336

Baldwin County Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of the Baldwin County School District is to educate students
who will graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and values
to be college and/or career ready in order to be contributing members of a global society.
Our vision is for the Baldwin County School District to empower students through a positive, culturally responsive and stimulating environment where students will recognize and achieve their fullest potential.

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Message from Superintendent, Dr. Noris Price
 Dear Parents/Guardians,


Baldwin County Schools will be undergoing system accreditation this school year. Accreditation is your assurance of Baldwin County’s academic excellence. Accreditation ensures a standard of quality among schools and universities around the world. It also validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities. In addition, students in accredited schools become part of a worldwide network of quality institutions focused on student performance.


As part of this process, we need parents/guardians to complete the AdvancED/SACS survey focused on facilitating continuous improvement in our educational processes. We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this survey.  The deadline is October 10, 2014.


In order to complete the survey, please click on the link below for your child’s school - Baldwin High, Oak Hill Middle, Blandy Hills, Eagle Ridge, Midway, and Creekside.
For Early College and Early Learning Center, please click here:

If you have more than one student in our district, you will need to complete a survey for each school.


Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous. Your honest opinion is appreciated.


If you have any questions about this survey, please contact our technology director, Vickie Harmon at  or call at 478.457.3313.


Thank you in advance for your participation.


Noris Price, Ed.D.
Baldwin County Schools


advanc-ed accreditation student surveys - We encourage all students to participate!


Early Elementary STUDENTS K through 2


Elementary STUDENTS 3 through 5


Middle and High STUDENTS 6 through 12

Early College Students

Advanced/SACS information

The Baldwin County School District is preparing to undergo an AdvancED/SACS Accreditation process. Please find details below.

AdvancED/SACS CASI District Accreditation
Currently, the Baldwin County School District and each of its schools are fully accredited. This means that annually, every public school in Baldwin County meets or exceeds the accreditation standards that support student achievement. From January 25-28, 2014, the school district will host an AdvancED External Review Team to certify our district’s accreditation for another five years.

What is AdvancED (Advancing Excellence in Education)?
AdvancED is the parent organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). AdvancED is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide through accreditation, research and professional services. AdvancED is the world's largest education community, engaging 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in 65 countries worldwide and educating 15 million students. 

What are the benefits of district accreditation? District accreditation is not a standalone process; rather it supports systemwide continuous improvement.

Specifically, district accreditation:

·  Enhances a common language of school improvement.

·  Ensures collaboration in planning for improvement.

·  Provides the school system and community with validation and recognition for improvement efforts and recommendations from an external team of professionals.

·  Supports a systemwide approach to achieving results.

·  Integrates and supports other accountability requirements such as those mandated by state and federal educational agencies.

How does a district achieve accreditation?
District accreditation requires commitment from the system's leadership and school board. The school system must have in place a quality continuous improvement planning process focused on improving student learning. In addition, there must be a commitment to achieving and maintaining the following requirements:

·  Demonstration of compliance with the SACS CASI Accreditation Standards for Quality School Systems.

·  Identification and illustration of the system's framework for continuous improvement.

·  Evidence showcased of methods being employed to monitor and maintain quality assurance.

An AdvancED External Review Team makes a three-day visit to the school system. The
Quality Assurance Review Team gathers data and evidence during the visit by interviewing a wide range of system and school level stakeholders, as well as visiting schools. In preparation for this visit, both the school district and each of its schools must:

·  Conduct and analyze stakeholder surveys from parents, students and certified staff.

·  Analyze and summarize student achievement data from state and local assessments.

·  Conduct a self-assessment of the current level of performance in regard to the five AdvancED accreditation standards (below).

·  Develop an executive summary from the information in the self-assessment.

After accreditation is complete, the school district will submit a progress report in the spring of 2018 to explain its progress in the implementation of the recommendations by the External Review Team.

What are the five AdvancED Standards for Quality?
Standard 1: Purpose and Direction
Standard 2: Governance and Leadership
Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning
Standard 4: Resources and Support Systems
Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement

More information on the AdvancED standards are available for download here:

School Lunch Appreciation week!

Baldwin County participated in the Georgia School Nutrition Association Kick Off Luncheon in Macon, GA
Pictured from left to right: Susan Nelson, Director of School Nutrition, Evelyn McDade, Manager Eagle Ridge, Dr. Linda Ramsey, Principal Oak Hill Middle School,Charlene Thorpe, Principal Blandy Hills Elementary, Sandra Rozier, Manager Midway Elementary, Diane May, Manager Creekside Elementary, Carolyn Rozier, Manager  Blandy Hills Elementary

important Announcements

AdvancEd/SACS Accreditation Information


      About AdvancED 
What is Accreditation? 
  AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools
AdvancED Standards for Quality School Systems
    AdvancED Policies & Procedures 
AdvancED - Self Assessment Workbook 
    AdvancED - Examples of Evidence

                                   State of the Schools Presentations 
                         Presented at September 2014 Board Meeting

Blandy State of the School

Creekside State of the School

Eagle Ridge State of the School

Midway State of the School

Click HERE to review Baldwin County's 2014-2015 Strategic Plan

Calendar of Upcoming Events
in the news

Recently, the Partners in Education from the Early Learning Center met for breakfast at the center
pictured are from left to right
Back row: Wes Cummings, Captain D’s, Kurt Flournoy, Chick fil A, Craig Portwood, Northridge Christian Church, Dr. Russell Edwards, Animal Hospital-Milledgeville, Lyn Chandler, Partner in Education Advocate
Front Row: Coni  Adams Moore, Elite Gymnastics, Dr. Noris Price,  Baldwin County Schools Superintendent, Terry Kennedy, Chamber of Commerce, Martine Smith, Early Learning Center Communities Partnership Coordinator, Blanche Lamb, Director,  Early Learning Center



Midway students, Natalya Thomas and
Holden See, were recognized by the
Baldwin County Board of Education for
creating state winning poetry published
in the 2014 Georgia River of Words. They
are students of gifted teacher Argent Hewitt

BCCA Work Based Learning Coordinator, Laurie Wallace,
was honored by the Baldwin Board of Education for being
selected to serve on the State Board for the Georgia WBL/
YAP Affiliate. Pictured are Board Member Dr. Wicker,
Superintendent Dr. Price, Laurie, and BCCA Director
Teresa Phillips







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