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Oak Hill Middle School Programs


Advanced Content and Enrichment




Barbie Bungee Jumping Project helps students understand concepts of physics.         Mr.Claxton poses with seventh grade students studying life science.


Story Wheels are a creative way of reporting on a book read in language arts. 

The Advanced Content & Enrichment Program (ACE) provides Oak Hill Middle School students with a highly enriched curriculum.  Students grow academically through research and discovery, and fast-paced, rigorous, challenging classes.  They assume responsibility for conducting projects that challenge their critical thinking and application skills.

Program Goals

The Baldwin County School System strives to ensure the continued development of the potential of the gifted/talented students through the following goals: 

  •  To provide a curriculum which extends and enriches learning.     

  •  To provide an instructional program which encourages students to become independent learners, effective problem solvers, and creative thinkers.

Delivery Models

The Advanced Content Class Model is used in grades 6-8.  Gifted students are grouped on the basis of achievement and interest in specific academic content areas.  Students who demonstrate exceptional ability and motivation in particular content areas are included.  Classes are limited to 21 students per teacher.  The curriculum is accelerated and emphasizes process skills, problem-solving activities, research projects and other higher order thinking skills.


Continued placement in Baldwin County’s Advanced Content/Enrichment Classes (ACE) shall include satisfactory performance in the Advanced Content Class in which he/she is placed. Incoming sixth graders must have a year-end average of 90 or above in a subject to be in good standing in that respective ACE class. Any incoming 6th graders with a year-end average of 85-89 in a subject will be served in the gifted classroom, but will be placed on academic probation for that particular subject for the following year. Any student who has below an 85 average at the end of his/her fifth grade year will remain in regular education for that subject(s) for the entire year. He/She must have a yearend average of 90 or higher in the regular education class to re-enter the ACE program. Students entering from private schools in Baldwin County (i.e. GMC, JMA) that were previously eligible for services from the Baldwin County Gifted Program must have a year-end average of 90 or higher by subject area from their former school to be served in any particular class in the ACE program.

Every student must maintain an 85 average or above in each ACE class in which he/she participates. Any student having a year-end average below 85 in any Advanced Content Class will be placed on academic probation for the following year. The student may, however, remain in any other ACE classes in which the 85 averages are maintained. Eighth graders in the ACE program must have a year-end average of 85 or above in a subject area to be placed in a gifted class for that subject area at the high school.  If at the end of the probation period the student’s average meets the requirements, he/she will continue as an active participant in that ACE class. If the student does not meet the continuation criteria by the end of the year, the student will be suspended for that ACE class for the following year. To re-enter the ACE program, the student must have a year-end average of 90 or higher in the regular education class. The student may continue to participate in any classes in which the 85 is maintained.

The eligibility team will consist of the student’s ACE teachers and the administrator supervising the program. The student shall have a final review by the eligibility team before cessation of services occurs. The eligibility team will monitor a student’s grades at the end of the first semester grading period and at the end of the year. The eligibility team can, in individual cases, decide that sufficient evidence of achievement and progress has been made to warrant continuation in the program. The eligibility team will consider the following indicators:

· Medical intervention

· Recommendation of a school counselor based on socioeconomic changes or changes in the family unit (death, divorce)

· Illness during the semester

If the student withdraws from active participation in the program, he/she may not re-enter the program during the school year. To re-enter the program, the student must have an overall academic average of 90 in that subject from the previous year.

The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student will be notified in writing if the student is withdrawn from an Advanced Content/Enrichment Class. Should the parents/guardians choose to withdraw the student from the class, the teacher of the Advanced Content class should be notified in writing.